Social Work

Apply for a Licensed Clinical Social Worker License (Out-of-State Applicants Applying by Endorsement)

Military Resources: If you are a military member or military spouse, please review our Military Resources page before applying.

If you have been licensed for at least one year as a licensed clinical social worker in a state, territory, or district of the United States deemed equivalent to Utah and are in good standing, you may qualify for licensure by endorsement. Click here for jurisdictions and information on how to apply.

If you do not qualify for the pathway outlined above, but have been engaged in lawful practice for not less than 4,000 hours, of which at least 1,000 hours are in mental health therapy, you may apply by meeting the following requirements:

  • Official verification of license from one or more states in which you are currently licensed as an LCSW (or equivalent). This is NOT a copy of your license.
    • Primary Source verification verifying name, license title, license issue date, license expiration date and if license is in GOOD standing.
    • Verifications must cover the time period used to qualify for endorsement.
  • Official verification of passing the ASWB Exam. This may be included on the official verification above or from ASWB directly.
  • Verification of Active Practice as a LCSW (or equivalent) verifying 4,000 hours.
    • More than one place of employment to count hours you must have each employer complete a separate form, and the hours from all forms must total 4,000.
    • If you are in private practice have a colleague or another professional complete the form.
    • Only include hours and dates from when you were licensed and able to practice independently. Do NOT include dates and hours used to accrue supervision.
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