Health Care Provider Reporting Requirement

Third-Party Medical Record Services

During the 2023 legislative session, the passing of HB 312 mandated that all health care providers utilizing a third-party service for medical record requests must submit a statement to the Division of Professional Licensing. This statement should encompass the name and contact information of the third-party service. The provider is responsible for ensuring regular updates for accuracy.

To streamline compliance, the Division of Professional Licensing offers a submission process for acquiring the necessary information. Additionally, the division maintains an alphabetical index of submitted information, which is accessible to the public on the division's website. This approach promotes transparency and accessibility in overseeing third-party participation in medical record fulfillment.

To meet this requirement efficiently, we've developed a brief electronic application accessible via the button below. Alternatively, if you prefer a manual application, you can find the option at the end of this page.

Health Care Provider Third-Party Medical Record Services Reporting